WHat we mean by public 'outreach' and why we do it.

As Scientists we feel it is important to be in contact with the public through all mediums (literature, internet, TV) as well as face to face to interact with those people interested in Science. We like people to learn about what we do- the impact it has for them in every day life, and to see where all the charitable donations to funds like CRUK, BBSRC and the like go to. We do this through initiatives made possible by the School of Life Sciences, The Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression, Dundee Science Centre and with collaborations with Duncan and Jordanstone College of Art and Design as well as our own initiatives.

Public Outreach Movies

Life in Miniature: Our Secret War Against Cancer

A film by Sarah Gillespie, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design In collaboration with Professor Angus Lamond and the Lamond Lab, Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression

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Public Outreach Activities

School of Life Sciences Open Day 2015

Sara and Kelly participated in the outreach day held by the School of Life Sciences, letting old and young experience Chromatography first hand, learn about measureing mass and about what proteins are

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Silvana and Severine doing public outreach at the Dundee Science Centre 2010

Dundee University in collaboration with the Dundee Science centre have organised outreach days to put scientists directly in touch with the public, to teach them about what we do.

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Kayo and Moto visit a Kindergarten 2015

Taking Science to the really tiny people!

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High School Kids come and see us!

Sara and Kelly have taken work experience high school aged kids for the day and given them real hands on lab experience

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Sensational Women in Science 2011

Sara, Kelly and Dalila participated in the "Sensational Women in Science" at the Dundee Science Centre. We taught kids and adults about proteins and how to measure them using mass spectrometry, and hopefully inspired a few to consider Science as a career.

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PepTracker provides management and mining capabilities for data generated during mass spectrometry studies.
Data Shop
Visualisation and statistical analysis tool for quantitative datasets
Proteomics Support
The Proteomics Support team have created a website that provides useful resources for proteomics studies.
Encyclopedia of Proteome Dynamics
A collection of multi-dimensional proteome properties from large-scale mass spectrometry experiments
Cell Biologist's Guide
The Cell Biologist's Guide to Proteomics provides information about mass spectrometry and experimentation.