Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr Sara ten Have
Sara ten Have
Sara ten Have

Project Description

I work together with the Lamond Lab for GRE as a Proteomic Consultant and Technologist. We aim to develop proteomic technologies to best accommodate the research done in the Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression using the model organisms of choice(H. sapiens, C. elegans, S. cerevisiae, X. laevis, D. melanogaster). We have access to state of the art Mass Spectrometry instrumentation, and cutting edge software development allowing us to strive towards leading Proteomic analysis in the UK and hopefully the world with our approaches.

We have expertise in immunoprecipitation, crosslinking, laser dissection microscopy- LC-MS/MS, IEF, 2D gel analysis, cellular fractionation, PTM enrichment, size exclusion chromatography, targeted and large scale proteomic analysis.

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