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Vackar Afzal
Vackar Afzal
Vackar Afzal
Vackar Afzal

Project Description

I joined the lab at the beginning of 2011 to help with the Peptracker project. My work falls into three closely related categories. The first is to help maintain and improve the current features available from Peptracker. This second involves evaluating and implementing solutions that can be used to manage, visualise and analyse large proteomics datasets that are being generated in the Lamond Lab. And finally the third aspect of my work is to evaluate and implement solutions that will help scale the Peptracker solution, from both a technical and a user standpoint.

From a technical standpoint, this involves working with Java, Python, Oracle, MongoDB and HTML5 related technologies. Angus’s motto is that science should be fun and exciting, and the combination of the day-to-day challenges and the technologies we employ to solve them definitely makes this so.

PepTracker provides management and mining capabilities for data generated during mass spectrometry studies.
Data Shop
Visualisation and statistical analysis tool for quantitative datasets
Proteomics Support
The Proteomics Support team have created a website that provides useful resources for proteomics studies.
Encyclopedia of Proteome Dynamics
A collection of multi-dimensional proteome properties from large-scale mass spectrometry experiments
Cell Biologist's Guide
The Cell Biologist's Guide to Proteomics provides information about mass spectrometry and experimentation.