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Dr Mark Larance
Mark Larance
Mark Larance

Project Description

Proteins regulate metabolism and the many critical events during the ageing process, which if dysregulated may lead to diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Calorie restriction in model organisms has been shown to alter metabolism and increase longevity. A number of proteins involved in ageing and metabolism are regulated by dynamic degradation mechanisms, including proteins whose functions are unknown. I am applying quantitative proteomics to give an unprecedented insight into protein regulation mechanisms during calorie restriction, in both human cells and the nematode worm Caenorhabditis elegans, a powerful model organism.

The data generated by this research will provide a unique insight into the dynamic process of ageing and the effects of calorie restriction. These studies will be performed in both mammalian cells and the model organism C. elegans. The processes of ageing and protein degradation exist in all forms of life and can be dysregulated in diseases such as cancer and diabetes. This work will therefore be of great value to the biomedical and life-sciences communities, and I aim to publish this work in high impact journals due to its broad relevance. In addition, we have recently pioneered the development of a novel data sharing tool called "The Encyclopedia of Proteome Dynamics", which enables easy, rapid and informative dissemination of all of our published proteomics results, using a web-based interface available for the entire community.


PepTracker provides management and mining capabilities for data generated during mass spectrometry studies.
Data Shop
Visualisation and statistical analysis tool for quantitative datasets
Proteomics Support
The Proteomics Support team have created a website that provides useful resources for proteomics studies.
Encyclopedia of Proteome Dynamics
A collection of multi-dimensional proteome properties from large-scale mass spectrometry experiments
Cell Biologist's Guide
The Cell Biologist's Guide to Proteomics provides information about mass spectrometry and experimentation.