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Alan Dickson
Alan Dickson
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Alan Dickson

Project Description

I am working on a project termed Spectracus in the Lamond Group which aims to address challenges raised by proteomics experiments moving into the realm of 'Big Data'. In fact, the challenges are not only with the large and ever increasing scale of our proteomics experiments, but also their complexity. As we move towards the use of multidimensional proteomics assays, rather than just protein identifications, and as we seek to integrate proteomics data with other large scale 'omics' data sets and public data resources, the combined complexity and scale of our data collections pose major problems and require innovative solutions.

My current focus is on developing a production solution to issues of proteomics big data in the Lamond Laboratory, using a Teradata database appliance to create a Proteomics Data Warehouse. Our aim is to improve the performance and scalability of the management, integration, quantification and ultimately sharing of the data and results arising from our mass spectrometry based proteomics experiments. I am part of the IT team In the Lamond Group working to streamline the capture, management and analysis of proteomics data, developing tools such as peptracker and datashop (

PepTracker provides management and mining capabilities for data generated during mass spectrometry studies.
Data Shop
Visualisation and statistical analysis tool for quantitative datasets
Proteomics Support
The Proteomics Support team have created a website that provides useful resources for proteomics studies.
Encyclopedia of Proteome Dynamics
A collection of multi-dimensional proteome properties from large-scale mass spectrometry experiments
Cell Biologist's Guide
The Cell Biologist's Guide to Proteomics provides information about mass spectrometry and experimentation.