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Centre for Gene Regulation & Expression
School of Life Sciences
University of Dundee
DD1 5EH Dundee
Scotland, United Kingdom
Angus' PA Carol Urquhart:
College of Life Sciences, University of Dundee

Who we are

Professor Angus I. Lamond's Laboratory is part of the Centre for Gene Regulation & Expression,

in the School of Life Sciences University of Dundee


January 6th 2017

Vikram Naryan's paper Deep Proteome Analysis Identifies Age-Related Processes in C. elegans. has been recommended by F1000Prime which is composed of 8,000 senior scientists and leading experts in all areas of biology and medicine. The Faculty recommends the most important articles, rating them and providing short explanations for their selections. You can view the recommendation here

November 16th 2016

While the nights are closing in much earlier here 56 degrees north (not long after 3pm), it does make for some very picturesque sunsets. Photo credits Angus Lamond

November 10th 2016

Angus and Dalila recently published a News and Views article in Molecular Systems Biology entitled Unlocking the chromatin code by deciphering protein–DNA interactions. It details the use of ChIP‐SICAP to further understand the mechanisms of transcriptional regulation.

November 1st 2016

Angus and Jens placed first in the GREat British Bake off, held at the yearly GRE symposium with their masterpiece entitled "Immune (w)rap)"

Movie Poster

Recipes for the Ukrainian lemon and poppy seed sponge and German chocolate cake can be found here


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